The MOST Program

Monitored Outpatient Sobriety Treatment

What is The MOST Program

We are a state licensed program, operating out of several locations across Orange County.

Substance abuse programs routinely fail their chemically addicted client/offenders by inadequately testing them for alcohol and drug use. Random and ‘suspicion’ testing rarely deters the compulsion to drink or use drugs, even when serious consequences for rendering positive results are at hand.  When a client/offender figures out the testing protocols and program schedules, these tests are very easy to beat. Alcohol and substance dependent client/offenders will continue to drink and use because they have a compulsive disorder. They also tend to be oppositional and defiant in nature and gain the added bonus of ‘getting over’ on an authority source.  Clients/offenders are referred to treatment programs for help regarding these issues. When the client/offender is able to complete a substance abuse program while drinking or using between treatment events, the program has miserably failed the client/offender.  The programs and the system have become enablers.

ALCOHOL MONITORING: Either by SCRAM ankle bracelet or SCRAM remote handheld. (SCRAM – Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring)

PharmChem Sweat Patch

24/7 continuous drug testing. Relapse Prevention Treatment

State Certified & Approved Outpatient Treatment Program: Using the   MATRIX Model.

MOST Program Ensuring abstinence by substance abusing offenders is the major challenge for   the Courts & alcohol/drug abuse treatment programs. Breath, blood, and urine testing is only  reliable at a given point in time. HOWEVER….

The combined technologies of SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Monitoring) & the PharmChem Drug Patch (continuous 24/7 drug testing) allows for the complete testing of ethanol-alcohol and other major substances of abuse in a continuous manner.

The Outpatient Treatment program is much more likely to effect long-term sobriety gains because the Monitoring ensures abstinence!

SCRAM Technology

SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring) = Transdermal testing for ethanol that generates “True Sober Days.” The client wears an unobtrusive ankle bracelet (SCRAM) that continuously measures alcohol through perspiration.  The measurements are uploaded via direct connection to a computer on a regularly scheduled appointments. The client is motivated to avoid drinking because the alcohol will be detected!

Components of the MOST Program

The first component - PharmChem Drug Patch

The “Sweat Patch” is also based on transdermal technology—or the detection of substances use through perspiration.  The Patch is tamper proof and worn continuously for 7-10 days. It is then sent to the lab and examined for the major drugs of abuse, meth, opiates, cocaine, marijuana, benzodiazepines, etc.

The second component - Outpatient Treatment

The Treatment Program is based on a Relapse Prevention Model (MATRIX) and employs CBT, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, to promote long-term sobriety and positive life skill changes. Clients attend 3 hours of treatment (group & individual counseling) on a weekly basis and a minimum of 1 weekly outside 12-Step Meetings.

The third component - Core Program

Initial intake, Treatment Plan, Weekly Groups, Case Management, Random Supplemental Testing, Progress Reports, and Sobriety Mentoring.

A forth optional component:

Is available for certain cases, SCRAM HA (Curfew Compliance). The curfew compliance component is available for certain clients that need added structure to their program.  We have found that confining our clients during high risk nighttime hours helps them stay in program compliance and reduces the temptations that led the relapse.

A fifth component:

Is required for any client with any opiate addition.  Refer to the Vivitrol Tab for more information.

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